Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ah.. Another blog..

Today, after i had dragged for a long time, FINALLY i touch the blog. Is it updating a blog is really a tough job for me? haha.. I think it is.. Since each time update a blog also need a long time to force myself to write something..

Friday, 26th October.

Today, i had dinner with my colleage at Clark Quey (Don't know how to spell.. Pai seh) Wondering the dinner is to celebrate Evy's birthday or for Vic that is leaving at November? Anyway.. I think we are having good time together.. Our company BBQ ( Blur Blur Queen ) who know that we are going for dinner, BUT didn't reserved a place.. haha.. We spend almost 45 minutes to wait for the seat..

One thing that has to mention is.. the food of that cafe is really.. hmm.. BIG! SUPER big bowl of salad... Extreme BIG plate of BBQ Chicken.. o.O haha.. i still remember the 1st impression of every each of us when the food arrived.. haha.. really funny..

My BBQ Chicken.. Sweat... ~,~

The so-called Salad..

Saturday, October 13, 2007

18th Floor

This tuesday, i think is tuesday.. The lift at our building out of service.. 6 lifts become just 2 lifts functioning.. i heard that people say the 24th floor "flooded" and make the lifts and make the lift out of service . Flooded at the middle of the sky? :P We wait lift from 12pm to 12.25pm and all the lifts is full.. end up we climb the stairs.. 1st time i use the stairs after i working 2 month here.. consider a good beginning? 18th floors.. after i reach 1st floor, my legs shiver... haha.. The worst thing is.. when i wan to go back.. still can't get a lift to go down.. end up.. walking at stairs again.. Grrr...

Boring weekend.. is Hari Raya.. but i end up working at home.. :( sobs sobs.. I already 4 years never touch Marcomedia Director already.. and.. now i had a project which need to use Director.. T_T I really no idea how to do at all... sigh.. how? Who can help me? Everything make me so headache and i don't know where to start.. sigh.. how to give boss at monday? HELP!!!!

* Thanks hiyashi for the comment.. although she say her name got copyrighted.. who cares.. blerrrrr...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Eve's Update

After keep remind by Peeka, Hiyashi, Wei Yee etc. so many times of updating my blog, finally i touch back my bloggie. Last time still have some excuses that i don't have network connection.. BUT now.. sobs sobs.. i can't give any excuses anymore.

After working for 2 months, i already get used to the life in Singapore. Thanks for Kelvin who always teaches me HTML, CSS.. and thanks for the flash books.. Although i read until my brain get stuck.. still I learn something new.. :P Vicky, always the one who accompany go back home.. Nice to have you as my friend.

Recently after go back home, already tired until don't feel like moving.. That's why i didn't update my blog. Peeka keep ask me how come i didn't update blog. haha.. sorry lor.. even Peeka, I think i can't even see her face more than 3 times in a week. I go to work, she sleeping, I come back.. She at room.. When i sleep, She awake.. 100% not the good timing..

Last week, I finally contact to Hiyashi. So long never chat in msn.. the 1st thing she do is BOMB me with all her Maru... T_T Maru video.. Maru YouTube.. Maru Maru Maru... Grrrr!! *Bites*

Just wake up, brain blur blur.. better stop here.. AT LEAST i updated "something"

* Ops... Now onli i realise my blog is comment block.. :P No wonder don't have Hiyashi comments..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just a Post~

Wee... Hiyashi San praise me for update my blog.. :P She say she want give peeka a credit for forcing me to update blog.. lol

Yesterday went shopping with peeka at parkway parade.. saw alot alot lotsa nice stuff, but don't have money to buy.. sobs sobs.. but still happy that i able to buy some stuff i really like.. ^^ Today go shopping again.. hehe.. enjoy my weekend..

Just update for fun..

Guess where am i?

Is a Pig? Is a Shrek?

NO.. Is a erm.. i oso duno what is tat.. :P

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Century of Updates~

From 15th of July until now, is already 1 month and 4 days i had been to Singapore. I had started to work at 8th August, at Cityhall as graphic designer, just before the day of Singapore National Day. :P Good date to start work..hehe..

This blog will be the summary of what i had done on the days i had been here.

My new little drawer, bought at Choa Chu Kang. Finally got some space to keep my messy things..

Something i had stolen from peeka's room.. hehe..

Fireworks at Cityhall at 18th of August.
Peeka and ME~

Fireworks.. The photo is not nice as what we seen from Cityhall. It is so blur and small..

At Raffles Place, on the Bridge. Big crowd behind me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Room...

I just finish upload my photos from camera to my pc. I am not used to update blog that often, but unfortunately... PEEKA keep remind me of updating my blog blog. What to do, guai guai update lor~

Below is my room in Singapore. It is kinda messy because the time i shoot photo, i am still unpacking my stuff..

My Cupboard and my Lappie...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Singapore Here i Come~

On 15th 9.30pm, i come to Singapore with my eldest brother. Oww, i 1st time sit so BIG size seat bus, and it is so so COLD. We reach Johore custom at 3.30am, this is my 1st time using passport. Feel so scared and excited to go to a new place which i had never been before. After check this and that, finally, i reach the destination. ^^ I reach Peeka's house around 4.45am. Haha.. this cat, let me kacau until wake up just to open the door for me. :P Sian: Who ask you don't give me key earlier..kekeke..


Today, my brother take leave to bring me "tour" around Bedok. We WALK around until Bedok Centre. 1ST day walk so long, leg pain pain. We buy some daily stuff and my mattress, but unfortunately we can't find the cupboard. Poor brother went to Giant just to buy a cupboard for me, THANKS brother! Nice cupboard you had bought. And thanks to Peeka's brother for helping me to fix my "Scenery" cupboard, which don't have instruction book one. Haha.. Everything need to "teka" ourself to fix it.. ~,~


Today, i started to go library alone. i take bus 222 to Bedok MRT station, then walk to library. POOR me.. T_T i'm LOST! Walk walk walk and ask ask ask.. finally i saw the library. Thank god! :P What a long journey. I started to send my resume, cover letter to companies. Still the same phrase.. PLEASE GIVE ME A JOB! (Blush)

Today evening, Peeka called me and ask me whether i want to eat Katong laksa. Erm.. Apa itu.. o.O? Nah.. Just follow..

Reached destination by taking bus No. 40.

There it is. Katong Laksa-One of the most famous food in Singapore. Taste not bad, abit like the Malay's "Laksam".

18th, 19th, 20th.....

Everday is the same... 12pm, Library... 3pm da bao vegetarian rice... Then back home.. =.= Wish i can get a job soon.. Life will not be so boring anymore.

Oh ya, miss my dar alot. Not able to contact. Sorry ya, wait i work then only got money to call.. :P Now i am just a poor girl who always need Peeka to belanja me. Sobs!